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Confidence strikes again.

Momming so hard you need something to block the glare of your responsibilities? Does your vacay look like an inflatable pool surrounded by toddlers? We’ve designed the perfect product to hide the bags under your eyes.
Look no further than our brand new sleek, sexy sunglasses. These light-weight, miracle-workers fit your face and flatter your features like they were made just for you. With three stylish frame colors and a variety of fun lens colors, you'll be channeling your inner Jackie-O in no time.
Miss a birthday? No problem - simply wipe these beauties down with your ultra-soft SweetLegs lens cloth and tuck them nicely back into their included branded protective bag and gorgeous box, because we've created a unisex accessory that makes the perfect gift for anyone!

100% UV protection


safe and stylish.

Polarized lenses block over 99% of surface glare and shadows, as well as prevent scratching, delaminating, and hazing. 100% UV protection reduces eye fatigue after all-nighters and protects against long-term sun damage.

Ultra-light frames

Strong, flexible &


Our amazing new frame technology offers an ultra-lightweight feel combined with toughness and extreme flexibility for long-lasting, toddler-proof year-round unisex eyewear.

Black,Tortoise and Teal

Choose your flavor.

Whether you are rolling around in a G-Wagon, station wagon, or straight-up minivan, we have 3 flattering unisex frames just for you. Smooth lines and three dynamic color-ways create delicious combos paired with a wicked choice of polarized lenses that are perfect for every outfit.