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SweetLegs creates products that inspire and build confidence. Our core message encourages customers to embrace their bodies and feel confident every day.


Established in 2014 by a passionate husband and wife duo, Chris & Addie, at their kitchen table with a baby on a hip, SweetLegs quickly garnered a dedicated following for their ultra-comfortable, patterned leggings, and body-positive ethos. With an empowering Independent Distributor Program, and worldwide shipping from our online store, SweetLegs is dedicated to promoting self-confidence and individuality. Embracing the motto "Self confidence is the best outfit, rock it & own it"®, the brand remains devoted to its core values of comfort, community, and confidence, ensuring every SweetLegs wearer feels part of an inspiring movement, no matter the occasion.


At SweetLegs, our values guide every action we take. We believe in the power of teamwork to achieve great things by leveraging our unique skill sets. We are passionate and strive for excellence and quality while having fun along the way. Our adaptability allows us to navigate an ever-changing landscape, and we aim to make every touchpoint a positive and memorable experience for our customers.


SweetLegs is dedicated to delivering eye-catching legging patterns alongside everyday, cozy clothing options tailored to our diverse clientele. Ensuring comfort for all is at the heart of our brand, offering an inclusive size range from 00 to 28. With a focus on creating delightful, versatile, and adaptable garments, SweetLegs embraces and celebrates the unique style and individuality of each customer, making every fashion experience enjoyable, inclusive, and truly SweetLegs.

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In 2017, the founders of SweetLegs experienced the heartbreaking loss of their newborn son, Theo. To honour his memory, they introduced a commemorative print legging and pledged to donate $5 from every sale to support families staying by their palliative children’s side. This heartfelt initiative has provided much-needed assistance to these families and has enabled SweetLegs to contribute to additional organizations such as Mama's For Mama's, Cops For Kids, and various other charities. By celebrating Theo's memory, SweetLegs continues to bring hope and support to countless families and communities.


Independent Distributors can be found across Canada and into the USA and have been a pivotal part of SweetLegs’s success.  Beyond being great brand ambassadors, IDs also offer a local shopping experience whereby customers can have a fun experience and see the product they are purchasing locally and investing in their community.  Prefer buying from the comfort of your home?  Our website is designed and built to make your online shopping experience intuitive and enjoyable and our Canadian customer service team is available to help!

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